OmniROM Introduces OmniSwitch For Quickly Switching Between Apps


There is no shortage of recents app switching list on the Play Store. Apps like Switchr, Edge etc. allow users to set up a hotspot on the edge of the screen, swiping through which allow users access to the running apps, their favorite apps and the commonly used toggles.

The OmniROM team has also decided to bake in similar functionality in their ROM via their open-source implementation — OmniSwitch.

OmniSwitch is a recents apps switcher with advance functionalities like application control, quick toggles and favorite apps baked in. The app, when activated via a swipe gesture by swiping from the edge of the screen, has three overlays — Action Buttons, Recent Apps and Favorites.


Action buttons provides users with access to features like kill all apps, kill other apps or switch to last apps. The other two overlays are pretty much self-explanatory and allow for quick access to the recently running apps and your specified favorite apps.

The Omni team will also be releasing OmniSwitch as a standalone application so that non-OmniROM users can use the app as well. However, for the Action buttons overlay to work properly, the app must be installed as a system app i.e. your Android device must be rooted.

The team is also planning on adding a feature to completely replace the AOSP Recents view with OmniSwitch in their ROM. OmniSwitch is already available in the latest OmniROM nightlies for all the supported device and the standalone app is expected to be released sometime soon.