Google Finally Releases Chromecast SDK For Developers; Play Services 4.2 Rolling Out As Well


Google, today, finally opened up the Chromecast platform and released the final version of Google Cast SDK for developers, allowing them to take advantage of its $35 HDMI media streamer. Google had released Chromecast in September last year with a preview SDK and has, since then, taken its own sweet time in opening up the platform to developers. 

With the final SDK now released, developers can add Chromecast support to their apps and websites allowing users to enjoy their music and media content on their TV by simply tapping the cast button on their device. Currently, only a handful of apps on the Play Store have support for Chromecast including Plex, Avia, Real Player, HBO Go and Pandora among others.

Along with the final version of Google Cast SDK, Google also released Google Play Services 4.2 which includes all the neccessary APIs for Google Cast SDK required by developers to build for Google-Cast ready apps. The Google Drive API, which was initially released as a developer preview in the Play Services 4.1 update, has also been graduated to the final version with improved performance and stability.

The update is already rolling out to all Android devices worldwide and should hit your device sometime over the next couple of weeks.