Evernote Beta Update Now Supports Handwritten Notes


The beta version of the popular note-taking application, Evernote, has received quite a beefy update on the Google Play Store. This upgrade brings some great new features, one of which being the ability to store and share handwritten notes that you’ve created on either your Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately, at present, this feature only permits you to write, draw and scribble on your notes — it doesn’t yet automatically recognize handwriting and convert it into typed text. But let’s not shoot this gift horse in the mouth. Recent rumors suggest that new handwriting-to-text algorithms will be embedded in the apps source code when the next update is rolled out to the general public.

If you wish to get in on the beta testing action, simply follow the 3 steps listed below:

  • Join Evernote’s public Google Group.
  • Register to become a beta tester, by clicking here.
  • Follow this link to download the latest Evernote beta application through Google Play.