Secret Compartment Hides Valuables In This Sneaky iPhone Or Samsung Galaxy Case


We’ve seen more than enough iPhone cases with slots for credit cards, ID or cash. But the Push wallet phone case is the first one we’ve seen with a secret compartment that hides those valuables completely out of sight.

A push button (hence the name) on the back of the case pops open a secret compartment with space for three cards or two cards and a few bills.

On the iPhone side, the Push 5/S/C case has just exited Kickstarter, and should be delivering any day now. There’s a plethora of aesthetic skins exists from which to choose, most of which are $39; a faux-wood version and one skinned with a somewhat garish space vista both go for $48 each.

Push case designer Dapperbox has switched to Indiegogo for the Galaxy S4 version of the case, and that campaign has just kicked off; looks like you can still get in at an early-bird $29 for the less-frilly versions of the case, or go all the way up to $48 for the fancy-shmancy designs. If the campaign clears $35,000 — which is half of what it bagged for the iPhone version — it’ll also be available for the S3.