Samsung Blocking Third-Party Accessories On Galaxy Note 3 Post The KitKat Update


When Samsung had unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 in IFA last year, rumors were floating around that the company was planning to restrict the functionality of third-party accessories with the device. The company, however, did not take any such ‘Apple’ like decision of blocking third party accessories with its devices until now.

With the recently released KitKat update for the Galaxy Note 3 though, Samsung has restricted third party accessories from working properly on the device.

Right now the only third-party accessories that do not work with the Note 3 are S-View covers from OEMs like Nillkin and Spigen. The S-View cover has a small plastic cut-out on its front, which allows users to view selected information on the screen without waking up the whole display and draining battery. It also allows users to directly pick up a call without the need to flip open the cover.

Post the KitKat update though, all the third-party S-View covers cannot offer the features mentioned above. The only solution to this problem is to root your Note 3 and use an Xposed module or rip the device ID chip from an official S-View cover and stick it on your third-party case.

It is very much possible that with this move Samsung is checking the response of the existing Note 3 owners before it decides to either block all third-party accessories for its devices or drop the idea completely.