The TS Keyboard Is A Cool & Colorful Free Tool For Texting [Sponsored Post]

This post is brought to you by Time Space System, creator of  the TS Keyboard.

Sick of typing on your phone’s tiny, monochrome gray keyboard and getting typo after spelling mistake after gibberish on every other word? Then why not install the TS Keyboard from Time Space System, a brilliant new free app with bigger, positional letter keys that traces and memorizes your spellings, predicts your sentences, and adds color to your phone screen with a great range of bright and fun skin designs…. The TS Keyboard from Korean software developer Time Space System is a fun and highly useful new tool for typing on your smartphone supporting 25 languages.

The keyboard traces your input so that you can find and eliminate typos easily, and contains a smart dictionary that memorizes and predicts your next words.

A very useful component of the TS Keyboard is its Multi-toolbar, which allows drag for moving words or your cursor without all those fiddly hit-or-miss taps required on standard phone keyboards. You can also adjust your keys’ height and position on your screen, for extra convenience.

The keyboard allows voice recognition so you can enter text using your voice.

Choose from a a wide range of over 30 skins including a whole load of colors and patterns to brighten up your phone — no more monochrome gray/black keyboard!

The TS Keyboard is available as a free ($0.00) download on Google Play.

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The TS Keyboard has many useful functionality enhancements in lots of different colors.