Magsafe Charger For Mobile? Sign Us Up [CES 2014]


CoA-CES-2014-bugApple’s magsafe adaptors have saved my bacon across a variety of situations, safely disconnecting my laptop’s charging cable when I–or my kids–trip over the cord while it’s connected.

But what about when I’m charging a smartphone or tablet? Those cables tend to connect with a tight click. When my smartphone flies across the dashboard, for example, or falls off the charging shelf, it could get damaged from hanging on too tight.

Distributor Accessory Geeks thinks it has the answer: the Magnector.

The Magnector is a breakaway charging cable that the distributor says has several advantages to traditional USB charging cables. The biggest is the ability to safely disconnect when there’s a violent tug on the cable, like when you trip over it or it falls. The magnet tech makes charging your smartphone or tablet as easy as charging Apple’s magnetically connected MacBook, for example.

The Magnetor also boasts a 25 percent faster charging rate on the Nexus 10 than the traditional USB charging cable it comes with.

“The magnetic attachment concept that allows high-speed charging and data sync capabilities is a paradigm shift that benefits everyone,” said David Byun, President of

The Magnector cable is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 for $49.99, while the Magnector cable for the Nexus 10 retails at $24.99. You’ll can purchase both at