Moto X Off-Contract Price Permanently Dropped To $399


With the Moto X, Motorola has been trying to solve the issues that consumers face in day to day life, instead of focusing on the irrelevant spec war. Thanks to consumer feedback, the company changed its warranty policies and started posting factory images for its developer edition devices.

The company is not stopping there though, and after listening to consumer feedback of wanting a premium smartphone at a reasonable price and the success of its holiday flash sales, it has decided to drop the off-contract price of the Moto X. 

Starting from today, the unlocked variant of the Moto X can be purchased for $399 on any major US carrier. This even includes devices that are customised via Moto Maker. Making the deal sweeter is the fact that potential buyers can also make use of the 0% interest finance option from Motorola.

Do keep in mind that devices with a wooden back will still require an additional premium of $100. The company is also dropping the prices of the developer edition Moto X to $449, making it a great buy for developers and tinkerers.

Interested buyers can purchase the Moto X directly from Motorola’s website.