Archos Announces New Selection Of Smartwatches For Android And iOS


Smartwatches today are a little bit like PDAs in the early 1990s: that technology that everyone seems sure is the future, but which no one has really got right yet.

Well, add Archos’ name to the list of companies willing to try and rectify that situation.

The French electronics company has promised to unveil a slew of connected devices, ranging from Weather Stations to Blood Pressure Monitors, at next week’s 2014 CES tech show — with the most exciting being a selection of smartwatches.

Archos doesn’t provide too many details in its press release — other than to claim that the devices will “embrace simplicity and function, feature a Pebble-like design and will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.”

They do, however, specify a price: noting that the smartwatches will start at under £50 (around $82).

For now, there’s not much else to go on, although it does serve to make us more excited about CES and what may well be the year of wearable tech.