This Dongle Lets You Instantly Transfer Files Between Android And iPhone


Here’s something you don’t see often: It’s an Android phone sporting a 30-pin connector. Blasphemy! Heretical! Nonsense. PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive, which allows fast transfer of files between Android and iOS, is here to promote peace and understanding between all — even the heathenish Windows.

Attentive readers will remember our post about the original i-FlashDrive HD when we found the little dongle — a flash drive with a 30-pin connector on one end and a USB on the other — during CES back in January. Now PhotoFast has swapped out the USB for a micro-USB and tweaked the software, allowing the dongle to act as a flash drive for pretty much any device imaginable (except Blackberrys).

There’s no Lightning version, so owners of more recent Apple hardware will need to use the bundled Lightning adapter. The kit also comes with a micro-USB-to-USB adapter for slotting into a laptop or desktop.

The device works through a companion iOS or Android app that allows the transfer of files, and can also display images and play video and audio files — though which formats are unclear. There’s even Dropbox support, encrypting, backup and restore, the ability to create and edit playlists, streaming via AirPlay and a bunch of other features.

The new i-FlashDrive will come in three flavors of onboard storage: 16GB for $170, 32GB for $230 or 64GB for $330 — though we’re not sure exactly when any of them will arrive.