To Compete With Apple’s 64-Bit ‘Gimmick,’ Qualcomm Announces Not-So-Gimmicky 64-Bit Snapdragon


Back in September in the aftermath of the iPhone 5s’s debut boasting the world’s first 64-bit smartphone chip, Qualcomm representative Anand Chandrasekher called a 64-bit ARM chip a “gimmick.” Just three months later, Qualcomm’s announcing one, the Snapdragon 410, opening the door for 64-bit Android devices.

According to Qualcomm, the new Snapdragon 410 will be manufactured using a 28nm process, and feature “superior graphics performance with the Adreno 306 GPU, 1080p video playback and up to a 13 Megapixel camera.” They should run on every LTE network under the sun, and feature Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM and even NFC.

It’s a little rich that Qualcomm is so quickly announcing a 64-bit ARM chip of its own to compete with Apple’s A7, but it should be no surprise. After Anana Chandrasekher called 64-bit a “gimmick,” Qualcomm not only publicly reprimanded him for his stupid and “inaccurate” comments, then soft fired him. And no wonder: Qualcomm’s own representative called the future of the company gimmicky!

Qualcomm isn’t the only one interested in following Apple’s lead into 64-bit mobile chips. Samsung has also been said to be planning a 64-bit Galaxy-class device for next year.