Ski Safari: Adventure Time Takes Its Manic Mashup Mobile


The latest game in the Adventure Time series of mobile games will go live on Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and in Apple’s own iTunes App Store this Thursday, according to Cartoon Network.

You’ll get to play as main characters Finn and Jake, along with several other supporting cast members, evading the crazy Ice King while skiing down an epic mountain. Mathematical!

Of course, you won’t use skis, but rather slide down the slope on your butt, true to the wacky television show on which the game is based.

In addition, you’ll be able to unlock several hilarious costumes for Finn, at least, while you build up a high score performing awesome tricks and riding on the back of other characters.

The developer behind the project based the game on its own Ski Safari mobile game, which came to Android earlier this month. This is a re-skinning of the game, with the cast of characters from the television show brought front and center.

“We on the team are huge fans, so we know what it takes to make something feel genuinely Adventure Time,” Defiant’s Morgan Jaffit told GamesBeat. “We really held ourselves up to a high standard mainly because we know that the audience is going to be even more demanding. With everything we worked on we asked ourselves: ‘Is this good enough for Adventure Time? Is this good enough for Ski Safari?’ And if the answer to both questions wasn’t ‘Yes,’ it didn’t go in.”



Other companies, notably Disney, have done something similar, hiring a popular mobile app developer to create a clone of a highly successful game with a new skin, like Temple Run: Brave.

Fans of the Cartoon Network show as well as those who love a good endless runner skier should snap this up when it arrives on Thursday.