Google Lists New HP Chromebook 11 Charger On Play Store


HP Chromebook 11 owners are still being advised not to use their standard factory chargers following a recall notice which was implemented because many owners found that their chargers were overheating after just a couple of charge cycles. However, it looks like they may be able to get their hands on a new charger in the next few weeks. Google has put up a listing for a new Chromebook 11 charger on its website.

The picture above shows a charger with a completely different design from the originally one included in the Chromebook 11’s box. The new unit is “Chrome” branded, whilst the older, recalled version was extremely generic looking with no official branding from any manufacturer. It continues to pack the same 3A at 5.25V output as the original — this means that any changes to prevent overheating must have been made in the chargers circuitry.

The new charger is listed as “coming soon” with a price of $19.99, but obviously as their original units were recalled, Chromebook 11 owners will be issued the new charger completely free of charge, with the option to purchase a spare one.

If you wish to view the new listing for the charger on the Google Play Store — click the source link below.