Google Search Now Returns Spoken Results In Japanese, German and French


Late last night, Google officially announced the expanding availability of its Google Search service, Google Now to include an additional 3 new languages, Japanese, German and French. Obviously, you’ll need the latest version of the Google Search app installed on your device to use the service, but once that’s done you’ll be able to ask questions in these three newly implemented languages, as well as English and receive spoken results.

Google can’t guarantee that you’ll receive spoken results for all voice queries, but that’s not only the case for the additional new languages, it applies to English, as well. However, you can expect a vocal response from the app when you ask it the time and to find you a local coffee shop.

To try it out, simply tap the microphone in the search box and ask for anything you’re looking for. If you need some coffee in Munich, just say “Wo bekomme ich Kaffee in München?” to get a list of local options. Wondering what the height of the Eiffel tower is? Get a quick answer by asking, “Quelle est la hauteur de la Tour Eiffel?”. Maybe you need to know who invented the transistor ? Try asking in Japanese for “トランジスタを発明したのはだれ?” Says, Google.

Obviously, you don’t only have to live in Japan, Germany and France to use the app. At this precise moment it can be used anywhere in the world, however, you do have to speak either English, French, Japanese or German to be in with a chance of receiving a verbal reply.

If you don’t already have the Google Search app on your Android device — click the source link below to download it.