The New Divide: Do You Live In A Desktop Or A Smartphone State?

Image courtesy of Movable Ink

Image courtesy of Movable Ink

Movable Ink — a New York City-based company whose technology allows clients to create more relevant email marketing campaigns — has put together this data visualization graphic, showing the United States divided by whether they prefer using smartphones and tablets to access their emails, or the classic desktop approach.

The findings, which were based on data collected between July 1 and September 30 this year, show that desktops lead in the West, while the East tends more towards smartphones.

Texas is the most smartphone friendly state overall — with more 53 percent of emails opened via smartphone.

The majority of the East and South prefer using their smartphones for email, while the Central and Western parts of the country use desktops, with the notable exception of California.

Mobile devices continue to dominate desktops overall — with 61 percent of emails this quarter opened on either a smartphone or tablet, and desktops accounting for just 39 percent of emails opens.

iOS, meanwhile, holds steady over Android — with the iPhone accounting for 78.7 percent of all smartphone email opens, versus Android’s 20.7 percent of smartphone opens, and 9.4 percent of total email opens overall.

Android users, however, spend the most amount of time viewing their emails once opened: with 53 percent spending 15 seconds or more with each message, compared to 41 percent of iPhone users who do the same.