The Man Behind Android Is Now Building Robots For Google


Earlier this year, the leader and visionary behind Android, Andy Rubin -—the man Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once called an “arrogant f***” — stepped down as head of Google’s mobile OS. What’s he been doing since?

Well, if there’s any accuracy to claims Rubin ripped off Apple to make Android, then this time, it looks like Rubin intends to steal inspiration from Skynet. Rubin’s latest project for Google? Frickin’ robots.

Speaking to the New York Times, Rubin has said that he is running Google’s up-til-now top-secret robotics group. Rubin has been in charge of secretly acquiring technology companies to make a “moonshot” at creating a next-generation of robots.

What exactly that entails, Rubin’s not really talking about yet. However, The New York Times cites sources suggesting that Google might use these robots in manufacturing and retailing. Rubin may very well be creating the autonomous cyborgs that will build future Android devices for us!

Rubin seems confident in his ability to lead this potentially revolutionary new product. “”I have a history of making my hobbies into a career,” he told The Times. “This is the world’s greatest job. Being an engineer and a tinkerer, you start thinking about what you would want to build for yourself.” Doesn’t sound like the words of an “arrogant f***” to me. What about you?