Three U.K. Launches Its 4G LTE Service In 3 Cities


Today, the popular British operator, Three U.K, officially launched its “super-fast” 4G service in three cities across the United Kingdom without warning. The carrier claims that “a few thousand” customers in London, Birmingham and Manchester have been given access to its new LTE network and by the end of February 1.5 million customers with 4G-enabled devices will have the ability to use the service.

Three informed Android Central that the reason for its newly established service staged rollout is to ensure the smoothest possible rollout for its 4G network, needless to say, many customers have been irritated by this news. The carrier formally announced its launch for these three cities as being in December, but failed to mention any plans to restrict the amount of people that would have access to it.

Three is planning to post a blog in the not too distant future which will hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

You can find out more about Three’s 4G contracts by clicking the source link below.