iPhone 5c May Be Significantly Outselling Galaxy S4 In India


Cult of Mac may have previously reported that Apple manufacturer Foxconn was scaling back on iPhone 5c production — instead focusing its attention on the 5s — but it seems that there is at least one place where the iPhone 5c is finding its audience: and that place is India.

Although actual sales figures aren’t on offer — meaning that this relies on anecdotal evidence — resellers have reported far higher demand for the 5c than the new model Samsung smartphone.

“We usually keep around 100 units for seven days,” noted an Apple reseller in South Delhi. “But since the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, we have to update stocks every two days. And sales increase three times over the weekend.”

Another manager at a multi-brand electronics store said that, “I have no iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s left, while there are three Galaxy S4 smartphones still available.”

The manager of a local Samsung store meanwhile admitted that — while he would also not share sales figures — the Galaxy S4 was not selling as well as the previous model S3.

Provided that this carries over to sales figures, two primary reasons for Apple’s success may be lucrative deals from local operators related to the iPhone 5c, and also Apple’s own iPhone trade-in program.

This program means that those buyers interested in switching to the 5c can get reductions of around Rs 13,000 ($208) for their old iPhone 4s.

Your move, Samsung.