AT&T Launches Its 4G LTE Network In 5 New Markets


AT&T has once again broadened its horizons by launching its “super fast” LTE connectivity services to another 5 new locations across the United States. This announcement was made in a sequential series of press releases on the carrier’s official website.

The newly announced locations to receive the LTE service include:

  • Fernley, Nevada
  • Pueblo, Colorado
  • Marion, Indiana
  • Amsterdam, New York
  • Bloomington, Minnesota

AT&T 4G LTE provides users with faster data speeds for snappier web browsing and quicker downloads. In addition, AT&T claims that it also offers a faster response time than any of its competitors, resulting in a considerably faster processing time span (the time it takes to move data through a network).

The 4G LTE network has proven to be a humongous success, in fact, AT&T’s investment and innovation has consequently become the nation’s largest 4G network, bringing coverage to over 290 million people.

If you’re in one of the locations where you have the ability to access the LTE network, why not give AT&T a call today to upgrade to one of its 4G plans?