Adobe Reader Update Brings New PDF Export Tools, Redesigned File Browser & More!


Adobe is in the process of pushing out a rather hefty update for its official Adobe Reader application on the Google Play Store. In addition to the usual bug fixes and speed optimizations, this upgrade brings a shedload of new features, including a completely redesigned file browser, new PDF export tools, Multi Window support and improved Text Search.

Prior to the update, navigating through your locally saved files was a pretty tedious task, mostly due to the poor design effort that went into creating the built-in file browser. But users now have the ability to browse their files with ease, since version 11.1.0 brings a new, modern “File Browser UI experience” – which is dedicated to making navigating folders extremely simple and fluid.

Furthermore, Samsung owners will now have the resources to use Multi Window as Adobe has included support for this highly-requested feature. So, if you own any device which runs the South Korean company’s TouchWiz user interface, you’ll be able to add Adobe Reader to your Multi Window menu.

The full changelog can be read below:

  • Buy Adobe PDF Pack and Adobe ExportPDF services from within Adobe Reader
  • Convert documents and images to PDF using Adobe PDF Pack
  • Export PDF files to Word or Excel using Adobe ExportPDF
  • New and improved Text Search using snippet views
  • Online help to learn more about Adobe Reader
  • New, modern File Browser UI experience
  • Multi Window support
  • Improved performance for x86 devices

The update is available to download now from Google Play — just click the source link below.