Google Launches Two New Nexus 7 Ads [Video]


Google have officially published two brand new adverts for its flagship Nexus 7, just three months after the original ad made its debut on Goggle’s official Nexus YouTube channel. Both of these promo videos highlight how the 7-inch slate can be used in our modern-day world.

The first clip, dubbed “In Play,” shows the budget-friendly tablet being used by a variety of different people playing games together with friends or individually. The commercial showcases the sheer portability and performance of the Nexus 7 as it’s used in a handful of public places, including a coffee shop and an airport.

The second video, entitled “Center Stage,” briefly shows how the Nexus 7 can be used as an e-reader to read your favourite book, learn the lines to your favourite play or rehearse for an upcoming performance. Check it out below: