Samsung Promises Foldable Super Retina Devices By 2015 [Video]

Will flexible, bendable smartphone screens ever become a reality? Samsung thinks so. In fact, if you ignore the hysterically douchetastic concept video they are using to promote the foldable Galaxy tablets of the future, Samsung says we should have folding displays on the market by 2015.

Speaking at Samsung Analyst Day this week, the Korean electronics giant claimed that it would bring fully-foldable screens with twice as many pixels to market sometime in 2015, and find its way not only into phones and tablets, but into wearable tech like the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung’s also promising 4K resolutions in 5.2-inch devices by 2015. That’s 3840 x 2160, which is not to shabby, and while Apple fans may poo-pooh this number of pixels, so-called retina quality isn’t actually enough to future proof devices.

This is all pretty impressive, and Samsung has the chops to pull this off. In fact, the gadget maker is usually early to market with revolutionary new technologies… arguably before the kinks have been worked out. So I don’t doubt that they’ll make good here, but whether the gadgets actually work is another story.