Zombie-Shooter Dead Trigger 2 Staggers Onto Your Android, iOS Device


Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to heavily-downloaded hit zombie game, Dead Trigger, burst onto Google Play and the App Store late Wednesday night, bringing next-level graphics and gameplay to devices in your very pocket.

This first-person shooter has an all new touch control scheme that was created, says the developer, Madfinger Games, specifically for casual gamers. You’ll be able to use the virtual joystick, of course, and Android players can use supported game controllers. What’s interesting, however, is the new casual-gamer-style touch control scheme.

You’ll immerse yourself into a world where the humans are fighting the zombies, like you do. The game itself, however, is played out in real time on a global scale.

“The first time you play Dead Trigger 2, you become part of a global conflict. You are not alone and you are not playing only for yourself. You are one of many survivors across continents and from different parts of the world,” said CEO Marek Rabas. “While there are individual objectives within the context of the game, you must align your efforts together with other players to fulfill a joint global objective.”

The team says it has re-worked the game’s pacing to make it more responsive to your actions, making the game more entertaining, less grind.

The first Dead Trigger, released in the summer of 2012, has already been downloaded by over 23 million players, which allowed the team to create this new, bigger, badder sequel. You’ll get powerful undead bosses, a huge stockpile of deadly weaponry, and extra gadgets to keep yourself and other survivors alive. And that’s just the beginning.

“As the game develops, we plan to release new updates with additional locations, as well as adding new items, gadgets and more.” said Rabas.

Dead Trigger 2 was created on the bleeding edge of graphical performance, using the hottest industry engine, Unity.

“Madfinger is one of the premiere mobile developers known for pushing Unity to its limits,” said David Helgason, the CEO of Unity Technologies. “The original was an astonishing achievement and we know fans are going to be blown away with what these incredible developers have been able to push onto modern mobile devices with Dead Trigger 2.

All of this and still free-to-play, Dead Trigger 2 is now available on Google Play and the App Store. It should also show up on Mac and Steam in the coming months, as well as Facebook.