Google Officially Launches “Giving Through Glass” Program


Everyone donates to charity in their lifetime, and one of the main ethical issues we face is not knowing where the money is going. Is all our donation going to the charity, or is a fraction of it being filtered into the founders bank account? For some people not knowing where their hard-earned donation is going, has proved to be somewhat of an issue. Up until now, that is.

Starting today, Google is launching its revolutionary new “Giving Through Glass” campaign, which hopes to bring more transparency to philanthropic organizations by allowing contributors to physically see where their money is actually going, and who it’s making a difference too.

At present, five nonprofit organizations are participating in the program, but undoubtedly more will be jumping on board in the not-too-distant future. These companies will use Google Glass to document their efforts, and use the unit to solve problems which are proving particularly hard for strategists to solve.

“Hopefully, this will help close the gap between donors and the people they support,” says Google.

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