Final Fantasy VI Coming To iOS And Android This Winter


Square-Enix has a great habit of porting over their worst Final Fantasy games to iOS without ever giving iPhone or iPad owners the games they really want, like Final Fantasy VI or VII.

That seems to be coming to an end, though: Square-Enix is finally releasing Final Fantasy VI, their best 16-bit Final Fantasy game for the SNES, on iOS.

Breaking the news in an interview with Kotaku, Square-Enix’s Takashi Tokita broke the news that Final Fantasy VI will be coming to iOS and Android this winter:

“It is basically like a remake of the original VI,” Tokita said as he proudly revealed his surprise at the end of a presentation about the recent smartphone release of FFV and the upcoming mobile release of FFIV: The After Years. “But there have been some enhancements.”

This is sort of Square-Enix’s m.o. They tend to clean up the graphics and controls for a new system. Otherwise, I imagine this version will be based on the GBA or PlayStation port of Final Fantasy VI, which had already been cleaned up from the SNES original.

For Final Fantasy VII fans, there’s hope there too: Tokita says that there are fans of Final Fantasy VII in the office who are interested in bringing that game to mobile. Hope is on the horizon, Cloud Strike!