Google Chromebooks Are Now Used By 22% Of U.S. School Districts

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When it comes down to who will control the future of the PC, Microsoft, Apple and now Google are battling it out for control of the incredibly important education market, and more specifically, schools.

Not only do school contracts provide each company with massive sales orders, but it allows iOS, Windows, or Chrome to take root in kids lives as they hopefully take their OS of choice with them into the workforce. While Microsoft has asserted its dominance in schools, Google’s VP of product management for Chromebooks, Caesar Sengupta, says 22% of the school districts in the U.S. are now using Google Chromebooks.

How many Chromebooks does that equal? Sengupta didn’t share that specific number in his Business Insider interview, but during the back-to-school shopping season (June 30- Sept. 7), Google sold 175,000 Google Chromebooks and accounted for “all the growth” in a market that’s been hammered by iPad sales, according to NPD analyst Stephen Baker.

Sengupta says that Chromebooks can be found in over 5,000 K-12 schools in the U.S.:

“We are heavily investing in Chromebooks. There’s two different segments we care a lot about: consumers … and K-12 schools.

While Google’s growth in K-12 schools is encouraging to the company, the latest report from NPD Group shows that Chromebooks only accounted for 3% of the share of the back-to-school PC market in 2013. Microsoft still holds strong 58% of the market, but that’s down from 61% a year ago, while Macs accounted for 20% of the market.