AOL Releases Offical News App For Android


AOL has officially released a news app on Google Play. Similar to many other news reader applications, ‘AOL: News’ features a scrollable menu bar, which automatically breaks news down into suitable categories, which can then be scrolled through at your leisure.

The category titles are as follows; Entertainment, Food, Health, Money, Sports and Leisure. Once you sign into your AOL account, the application automatically detects and records the types of stories you like to read most, then tailors the content to match your reading pattern.

In addition to news, the ‘AOL: News’ app also gives users full access to their e-mail accounts, providing them with the ability to send, receive, manage and delete e-mails all in one place, without having to navigate to the official AOL webpage.

If you’re an AOL customer, or like the look of the ‘AOL: News’ app – click the source link below to download it.