Facebook Now Lets Android Users Edit Status Updates After Posting, iOS Coming Soon

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Facebook announced this afternoon that Android and web users will now be able to edit status updates after they have been posted, meaning you can finally cleanse your status update masterpieces of careless typos without losing your cherished likes, comments and shares.

The new feature should be live on the web and Android versions of Facebook later this afternoon, but iOS users will have to wait a short while before it hits iPhones. Users will be able to edit their status updates by clicking on the down arrow in the upper-right area of each status update. Facebook added the ability to edit comments over a year ago but held back on adding the feature to updates so users couldn’t bait-and-switch other users by editing their comment to something else after posting.

To deter the bait-and-switch, Facebook has provides an “edit history” for each comment and will add the feature to status update edits as well. Now if we could only get Zuck to add comment editing to Instagram as well…