Firefox For Android Update Brings WebRTC & NFC Tab Sharing


Mozilla has published an update for its official Firefox for Android application on Google Play, which brings with it support for WebRTC (real-time web communication), as well as a great little feature which enables users to NFC Bump URLs to another device.

The NFC Bump functionality allows users to transfer a URL from one smartphone with NFC capabilities to another, using Near Field Communication. You simply power on NFC in your phone’s menu, and select the “NFC Bump” option from Firefox’s settings. You then lightly bump devices, and as if by magic the web page will instantly open on the other handset, in a new window within the Mozilla Firefox application.

Support has also been added for Quickshare, which is a simple menu button which incorporates Android’s built-in sharing functionality. Once the button is clicked, users will have the ability to share the web page they are on to a wide range of Social Networking sites in addition to being able to share the content on other applications installed on the device.

The full changelog for the update can be seen below:

  • Night mode: Better night reading experience with Night mode functionality in Reader
  • NFC: Ability to share open tabs between NFC-enabled phones
  • WebRTC: Enabled support for WebRTC
  • Quick Share: Easy access to your favorite share application from main menu.
  • Added support for Braille, Popup announcements, Door hangers retain focus and a lot more for TalkBack users
  • Added Swedish, British and Catalan to Android multi-locale builds

If you would like to download or update your copy of the Firefox app for Android – click the source link below.