The EverDock Will Dock Literally Any Lightning, 30-Pin Or Micro USB Device


Although we thought it was a pain in the butt to assemble, one thing TwelveSouth’s HiRise dock really got right was this core concept that a dock doesn’t have to be specific to one iPhone or iPad model, but can be universal as long as it uses a Lightning connector.

EverDock is a new dock that takes that concept even further. It’s a universal dock that will work with pretty much anything, whether an iPhone, a Galaxy S3, an iPad, or something weirder all together.

Like the HiRise, the big innovation of the EverDock is that it recognizes a dock is really just an accessory that holds your device’s charge-and-sync cable rigidly enough that it can stand on end.

Following this concept through to its logical end point, the EverDock allows you to switch out your cables within the same dock. Using adapters, your cables can then hold pretty much any device you care to throw at it steady, thanks to a heavy aluminum base with a special material on the bottom that “sucks” itself close to your desk.

The EverDock is just launching on KickStarter today, but initial uptake has been high, so my guess is it will be funded. There are two models available for preorder: the EverDock for $39, or the EverDock Duo (capable of syncing-and-charging two devices at once) for $59. All EverDocks are availale in silver, space gray or gold, and will work with any device that charges using Lightning, 30-pin or micro USB.