Apps Of The Week: Pearltrees, EZ Weather HD, Nexus 7 Live Wallpaper & More!


It’s Sunday, the time of the week where Cult of Android will be bringing you a report on some of the very best apps we have been using throughout the duration of the past week.

This week we have been trying out a very useful and intriguing productivity tool, a gorgeous weather widget, a stunning live wallpaper, and last but not least, a particularly practical calendar widget.

Pearltrees – Collect & Share:


Pearltrees is an extremely interesting and useful productivity app which enables you to collect, organize and share all of your interests from anywhere on the internet in one place. It features a unique mind-map style UI, that allows you to constantly add photographs, text notes, URLs and contacts from any application on your device, thanks to Android’s built-in sharing functionality.

Since launching on Google Play, Pearltrees has accumulated an incredibly large community enabling all users to discover content related to their passions, which is guaranteed to enhance a users profile by adding more “pearls” that are of interest to them.

Pearltrees is free to download on Google Play, and you can grab it by clicking here.

EZ Weather HD:

EZ Weather HD

EZ Weather HD is a simple, clean and gorgeous weather widget for any Android device, which features a HOLO interface that can be displayed in four different modes: Dark, Light, Transparent and Minimal. The widget provides you with hourly weather forecasts for any worldwide location, which it displays in the notification pane.

When EZ Weather updates, it automatically gathers little snippets of information and pieces them together, so you don’t use up all of your data limit at once. I’ve been using it for the past six days now, with the refresh set to every 15 minutes and in total it has used less than 3MB of data.

If you have a strict data cap, you can adjust the refresh rate to something more suitable for your limit, for example, you can set it to refresh only over Wi-Fi, or every 12 hours.

EZ Weather HD is free to download on Google Play, and you can grab it by clicking here.

Nexus 7 Live Wallpaper:

Nexus 7 LWP

Up next we have a Nexus 7 live wallpaper, which has been inspired by the new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean background, featuring a multitude of floating air particles that rotate in the same direction you move the device.

There are a few adverts included, but thankfully they are only housed in the wallpaper’s settings; so our gorgeous home screens won’t become infested with annoying ads.

Nexus 7 Live Wallpaper is free to download on Google Play, and you can grab it by clicking here.

All-in-One Agenda:

All In One Calendar

All-in-One Agenda is the last app that we are looking at this week. It’s a calendar widget which combines all of the events in your digital life and then displays them on your home screen, within a neat and clean interface. You have the option to import your calendar appointments, Facebook events, birthdays and weather forecasts. Once imported you can manage your schedule with ease; you will have the facility to set reminders, check off tasks and mark calendar events as complete.

You will also have the ability to view both your business and personal calendar’s in one widget. When importing these calendars, colors will be assigned to each category you have configured, making it easy and simple to differentiate between individual calendars and events.

All-in-One Agenda is free to download on Google Play, and you can grab it by clicking here.