Twitter Rolls Out V5.0 Of Its Official Client To All Android Beta Testers [Update]


Twitter has officially rolled out the latest version of its Twitter application to all registered Android beta testers via the Play Store. Version 5.0 comes in the form of a rather hefty update, bringing a completely re-designed user interface.

The development team behind Twitter have completely revamped the UI for this upgrade, bringing a fresh new look and feel to the app. Several new swipe-based gesture controls have been implemented, giving users the ability to navigate between menus, sidebars and profiles without having to tap the screen.

There are also a multitude of speed optimizations bundled into this update, in an effort to make the application much more fluid when browsing between screens.

If you wish to get in on the beta testing action, simply follow the 3 steps listed below:

  • Join Twitters’s public Google Group.
  • Register to become a beta tester, by clicking here.
  • Follow this link, to download Twitter’s latest beta application through Google Play.

Once you’re registered, it’s important to bear in mind that the release you’re using is not intended for general public use and while it has undergone some internal testing, you may still experience some issues.

After you have signed up to be a beta tester and you’ve joined the official Twitter Google Group, click the source link below to download the updated application on Google Play.

Update: An hour after publishing this article, Twitter announced that it would not be accepting any new registrations for the time being as it has been inundated with requests.