AT&T’s Aio Prepaid Wireless Service Set To Launch Nationwide Next Month


AT&T has received a lot of gruff over the past few months from T-Mobile and its prepaid wireless service plans, so to strike back, AT&T is launching its Aio Wireless prepaid brand nationwide next month.

The new service offers AT&T customers the option to sign up for prepaid data plans starting as cheap as $40 a month for 250MB, to $70 a month for 7GB with a bunch of other options in between. After being tested in markets in Flordia, Texas, and Atlanta, Aio wireless will be available online to all U.S. customers starting mid-September.

AT&T is holding a Fall promotion for Aio that will give new customers their third month of service free as long as you activate your account by September 29th, 2014.

“We invite customers across the country to switch to Aio and experience our first class service with no annual contracts,” said Jennifer Van Buskirk, president of Aio Wireless. “We want to make it easy for consumers almost anywhere in the US to get great value in their wireless service, with the network coverage and experience they deserve, and devices they can be proud to own.”

While Aio initially launched without access to AT&T’s LTE networks, the company has reversed course and updated Aio SIM cards to grant access to the LTE network. Like T-Mobile’s Uncarrier plans, Aio customers can also bring their own unlocked device to run on the network, but after looking at the fee’s for AT&T’s early upgrade program, Next, we recommend you buy your unlocked phone from someone else.