Three U.K. Introduces ‘Feel At Home’ Scheme To Abolish Roaming Charges


Today, Three U.K. announced its latest scheme aimed at abolishing roaming charges when using your phone abroad. Entitled ‘Feel at Home,’ the plan enables you to use your regular Three allowance – contract, mobile broadband, or PAYG – whilst travelling, at no extra cost.

Sounds great! But, there is a catch.

‘Feel at Home’ is currently only available in seven countries, all of which have their own dedicated Three network. When visiting Austria, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Hong Kong, Sweden and the Republic of Ireland, ‘Feel at Home’ will automatically activate the minute your phone connects to a local mobile network, permitting you to use your Three U.K. price plan with no extra charge (providing your stay within your tariff, of course, although if you do go outside your bundle you will be subject to reduced roaming rates).

Three reports that it is “the first U.K. operator to offer customers the same in-country mobile phone and broadband rates for no additional charge as if you’re at home whilst abroad.” We hope to see more operators worldwide follow the British carrier’s lead in the not too distant future.

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