Shazam Update Brings A Design Overhaul & Tablet Support

Shazam Redesign

Shazam, the popular music discovery service, received a rather hefty update on Google Play yesterday. Version 4.0 finally brings dedicated tablet support, together with a completely redesigned user interface.

The development team behind Shazam have completely revamped the UI for this upgrade, bringing a fresh new look and feel to the app. There are now swipe-based gesture controls to navigate between the menus, multiple speed optimizations to make the application more fluid, as well as a new simplified process when discovering, buying, and sharing music.

The changelog for the update (V4.0) can be seen below:

Welcome Tablet users: Shazam is now a universal app, optimized for tablets big and small!

Fresh new look and feel: It’s now easier than ever to discover, buy and share.

The update is now live and available to download on Google Play – simply click the source link below in order to do so.