Snapchat Beta Brings Enhancements To The Keyboard & Canvas


Snapchat is the latest company to enrol in Google’s official beta program, allowing Android users to sign up to a special program which will enable them to gain early access to the latest features the development team are currently rolling out. This beta includes two new enhancements, one for the keyboard and another for the canvas.

The new “enhanced canvas” automatically detects the size of the stylus you are using to draw on your images, it then processes the results and provides a bold or thin line depending on the stylus tip’s thickness and the pressure applied when drawing.

Enhancements to the keyboard allow for a traditional Android Swype-style input method, enabling users to swipe across letters on the keyboard, to generate a word.

The full changelog features for the V3.1.00 beta can be seen below:

  • New features: ehnanced canvas, enhanced keyboard.
  • Bugfixes: synchronize cache accesses

If you wish to get in on the beta testing action, simply join Snapchat’s Google+ community, opt-in to the beta on Google Play, and uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat application from the Play Store.