iUSBport Mini USB Drive Has Its Own WiFi HotSpot For Streaming Media Or Sharing Files


Like bicycle streamers or rum, adding a wifi hotspot to pretty much anything will make it exponentially better. The tiny new Hyper iUSBPort Mini is a great example of this: It’s a $90 USB drive with a built-in WiFi hotspot that can be used to share files or stream movies or songs to an iOS or Android device.

One tip for the device’s marketing team though: Please come up with a better name.

Just plug a USB drive loaded with media or files into the iUSBport Mini’s USB port (see) to stream songs or movies — the latter in 1080p — or share files through an HTML5 web app.

It doesn’t look like the iUSBport Mini has its own on-board memory, but it’s equipped with a microSDXC slot so you can add your own. The device is powered by a seven-hour, 950 mAh battery, so it doesn’t even need to be attached to anything in order to work.