The Magnetyze Wireless Charging Kit Is Kind Of Like A Hotrod Mod For Your Galaxy S4


Closely following the release of the iPhone 5 version, BuQu Tech has released their wireless charing solution for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The $60 kit includes two components: an aftermarket case with an embedded magnetic connector that replaces the stock S4 case, and a USB magnetic charging dongle that charges the S4 when the phone (wearing the new case) is dropped onto the dongle’s magnet.

Accessories like a car charger, travel charger and charging stand can be added as needed. Because the chargers will work with any phone outfitted with a Magnetyze case, the system will probably be especially attractive (see what I did there) for homes or workspaces with phones from varied manufacturers. Magnetyze currently makes kits for the iPhone 4/S/5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3/4.