EA’s Heroes Of Dragon Age Battling Its Way To Android, iOS, This Fall

Dragon Age and its sequel (cleverly named Dragon Age 2) have provided PC and console gamers with deep, solid role playing set in an original fantasy world with engaging characters and a wide array of choices to make in storytelling and combat.

While the overarching story is what makes these games work so very well, the combat system, especially in the first game, is unique and compelling to play.

That makes the announcement of a new spinoff of the well-reviewed series, coming to Google Play and iTunes this fall, pretty darn spiffy, as Heroes of Dragon Age seems to focus solely on combat.

In essence, players will be able to buy and collect digital, 3D figurines of the main characters from the Dragon Age universe, including those from novels and other Dragon Age media. Once assembled, the squad of characters can then go into battle to fight both human and computer opponents.

“We all like CCGs, RPGs, and squad-based tactics games, but they can be a little niche. The idea for Heroes of Dragon Age was to take those ideas and make them more strategic,” Executive Producer Jeferson Valadares told IGN. “We set out to make an accessible strategy RPG that takes full advantage of the Dragon Age universe’s cool characters and locations.”

There are a promised 100 unique characters due at launch, each with four possible upgrades. New characters will be added over time, including ones from upcoming console release, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

We’ll keep you informed of any new developments for this mobile game as we get them.