Free To Play Dungeons & Dragons: Arena Of War Coming Soon To iOS, Android

D&D Arena of War Mobile

Dungeons and Dragons, the venerable tabletop role playing game that arguably started it all, is changing. Currently owned and operated by Wizards of the Coast, the entire game universe is transitioning from the 4th Edition rule sets to what they’re calling D&D Next, a holy grail of streamlined gameplay rules and mechanics that the publisher hopes to spread to all current media, including video games.

It’s with that bit of background that DeNA/Mobage announced the first teaser trailer for a mobile version of Dungeons and Dragons called “Arena of War.” Check it out.

This is what Mobage is calling the first ever free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons game for mobile, a dubious title at best. It’s telling, though, how much excitement the possibility of a truly good mobile version of D&D on an iPad brought me today.

The trailer shows some interesting mechanics, and while most of it could just be tech demo stuff, the introduction of collectible card gaming mechanics makes a lot of sense, both for the fact that Wizards of the Coast made its name with Magic: The Gathering as well as the fact that D&D most likely inspired the card game in the first place.

Here’s hoping that the free-to-play doesn’t get in the way of actually playing this game, and I’m conditionally enthused for the release, which the publishers say will be, obviously, “soon.” Here’s some of the press release info on the upcoming game.

Arena of War, the first ever free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons game for mobile, is a 3D battle-RPG developed by DeNA in partnership with Wizards of the Coast. Set in the Forgotten Realms, Arena of War features iconic D&D locations such as Baldur’s Gate and monsters such as the Beholder. The live events in the yearlong Sundering event will evolve in the game giving an ever-changing experience to players.

Even better? You can pre-register for the game, getting a character upgrade when Arena of War releases later this year.