Motorola Will Offer A Free Skip Clip For Custom Moto X Owners

Motorola NFC Skip

Yesterday, Motorola announced a number of new accessories for its latest flagship smartphone, the Moto X, and now today it has confirmed that it will be including a free Skip unit with all orders of the handset through Moto Maker for a limited period of time only.

For those who are unaware of Skip and its function; it’s an NFC chip embedded in a thumb-sized fabric covered clip, which pairs with the Moto X. It can be affixed to either your trousers, belt, shirt, tie, blouse, skirt or wherever it feels most comfortable. It will then automatically unlocks your Moto X whenever you tap on the black accent on top of the clip.

The newly Google-owned company also added that it will be including three “Skip Dots” with every purchase of the Skip chip. These dots are tiny stickers that provide authentication to your device and form a “Trusted Zone.” This Zone automatically unlocks your Moto X when it’s within range of the dots, which can be placed in your car, next to your bed, on your desk at work or wherever you see fit.

Skip will only be available in gray with a black accent on the top for now, but more colors will be added “later this fall.”