Pyle’s SurfSound-Play Tacks A Speaker Onto A Waterproof Phone Case


Brooklyn-based Pyle Audio has been making speakers and other audio paraphernalia for the last 50 years (if you haven’t heard of Pyle, it’s probably because they seem to spend comparatively little time or effort on marketing; just look at their website).

Pyle has a lot going on—home, car and even motorcycyle/bicycle audio are some of the pies the company has its fingers in. The company has also makes a bewildering array of waterproof audio toys, like headphones and Bluetooth speakers. While that’s nothing new, their latest gadget is a little more unusual: The SurfSound-Play is a waterproof phone case equipped with its own mini speaker.

The case is pretty seriously waterproof, with an IPX-7 rating, which means it can be submersed up to a meter. The speaker connects to the enclosed phone via a 3.5mm jack and is powered by three AAA batteries.

Pyle says the case can house any phone up to 2.77 inches wide, by 5.37 inches tall by 0.46 inches deep—which should fit a wide variety of Android phones (though the S4 seems to miss the specs by about a millimeter) as well as all iPhones.

The SurfSound-Play is available from Pyle Audio for $72.