Google Glass Update Gives Third-Party Devs Access To Voice Commands


Google Glass is getting smarter with each monthly update. Now Google has opened up the possibility for third-party developers to access the headset’s growing list of supported voice commands. Only two command/app combinations are being introduced to kick things off. “Post an update” works with Path, and “take a note” works with Evernote.

“Updates and notes are just the beginning; soon you’ll be able to use your voice to trigger all sorts of services,” said Google. “We’ll keep you posted (pun very much intended) as we roll out more.”

Google Now cards have also been added in today’s update. There are three categories right now: “Restaurants, hotels, events,” “Movies” and “Emergency alerts.” They can be accessed by swiping back on the Glass trackpad. Google Now will show traffic, sports and weather info in Glass as well.