Firefox Update Brings WebRTC Support, A New Reading List & More

firefox beta

Mozilla has published a new Firefox for Android beta, which brings with it support for WebRTC (real-time web communication), a new Reader and Reading list, a feature which enables users to NFC Bump URLs, and a Quickshare menu to share content with other applications.

The NFC Bump functionality allows users to transfer a URL from one smartphone to another using Near Field Communication. You simply power on NFC in your phone’s menu and select the “NFC Bump” option from Firefox’s settings, you then bump devices and instantly the web page will open on the other handset.

Quickshare is a simple menu button which incorporates Android’s built-in share feature. Once clicked users will have the ability to share the web page they’re on to a wide range of Social Networking sites and to share the content on other applications installed on the device.

Support has also been included for Catalan-Spanish, British-English and Swedish languages, for a total of more than 24 languages.

The full changelog for the updated beta includes:

Support for WebRTC: Firefox for Android Beta includes WebRTC components that enable developers to easily integrate real-time communications across the Web. The components DataChannels, PeerConnection and GetUserMedia enable the Web with Real Time Communication capabilities including video calls and file-sharing between browsers. Developers can now begin to experiment with WebRTC experiences on Firefox for Android.

New and improved Reader & Reading List:-

  • The updated Reader includes a redesigned formatting menu that allows users to toggle between Serif and San-serif fonts.
  • In Reader, Firefox for Android Beta can automatically switch to “dark mode” (dark text on a light background) or “light mode” (light text on a dark background) depending on the level of light in the room.
  • Users can also manually switch between these states.Users can now long-tap the reader icon to quickly add an article to their Reading List without switching to Reader first.
  • All Reading Lists can be accessed offline.Firefox now makes it clear when Reader is on or off by changing the URL bar to orange when Reader is on and grey when Reader is turned off.
  • NFC Bump:- Share Firefox tabs with another NFC-enabled Android phone by “bumping” them together. NFC must be powered “on.”
  • Quickshare:- Quickshare creates a space in the Share menu from a list of sharing services available on the user’s device. For example, email, SMS, social, etc.
  • Firefox for Android Beta adds support for Catalan-Spanish, British-English and Swedish languages bringing a great Web experience to more than 24 languages.

If you would like to download or update your copy of the Firefox beta app, click the source link below.