Developer Demonstrates Streaming To Chromecast On CyanogenMod [Video]


Over the past month, Koushik Dutta has showed off his phone-to-Chromesast and Dropbox-to Chromecast streaming apps, and now he’s back again to show us an adaptation he has made to CyanogenMod which allows users to stream any media app directly to Chromecast.

By tweaking the ROM, Dutta managed to input an element of code which integrates Chromecast streaming across the entire Android operating system, making any application with a video or audio output compatible.

The demonstration video entitled “CyanogenMod + Chromecast” can be seen below:

In the above YouTube video, Dutta selects a video feed from together with a podcast from BeyondPod, he then toggles the notification panel and is presented with an option to stream the selected media to his Chromecast unit, he taps on the “Share to Chromecast” button and within seconds they are playing on his TV.

This method appears to work effortlessly between Android, Cromecast and any video and audio apps – which makes us wonder why Google didn’t try to implement this kind of functionality in Android 4.3, instead of forcing developers to manually update their apps to add Chromecast support.

We presume this feature will be rolled out in the CyanogenMod 10.2 builds in the coming months. However, until then Chromecast owners will have to wait a while longer to get their hands on this app; as the terms of the beta SDK prevents developers from releasing and distributing any APKs, until Google gives them the green light.