Textbooks Now Available Through Google Play Books In the U.S.

Play Books Textbook

Textbooks are now live on Play Books and can be found in a dedicated sub-section of the Play Books app or Webpage.

It’s pretty safe to assume that this feature is not yet completely developed; as there is no way to filter within the textbook section, instead you have to conduct a general search after which you will be presented with a variety of results consisting of apps, standard books, and textbooks.

Google is now selling and renting textbooks from 6 different publishers, and users have the ability to both rent and purchase these textbooks, but unfortunately most publications are only offering either of these options, not both. Most titles are only available to rent over a 6 month period and whether you choose to rent or buy, the prices are a little steep.

Textbooks can be viewed on both Android phones and tablets through the Google Play Books app or on a computer through the browser on the Play Store website. A small selection of books can also be transferred to an eReader – like the Kobo or Kindle – as well.

The service is only available in the U.S. at this precise moment in time, but we expect the feature to be pushed out to countries in Europe in the not too distant future.

Click the source link below to browse through Google’s selection of textbooks.