Rakuten Releases Wuaki.tv App For Android

Wuaki TV

Rakuten has finally launched the beta for its Wuaki.tv app on Google Play, bringing its users the ability to navigate through an endless library of TV Shows and Movies which can be streamed to your Android smartphone, tablet, and computer.

The app was first launched in Spain, and now support has at last been brought to the U.K. Both of the applications have now been updated allowing users to rate and recommend shows within the app.

Rakuten also promised to bring further device support for Brits through games consoles and smart TVs later in the year.

A Wuaki Plus subscription is priced at £5.99 per month, providing users with unlimited access to the company’s extensive and regularly refreshed selection of films and TV shows. At post-launch early subscribers to the beta phase can take advantage of a special offer, in which they will receive a Wuaki Plus subscription for just £2.99 per month for life.

The application is available to download now from Google Play – just click the source link below.