Sony FCC Filing Could Point To A New Google TV Device

Sony NSZ GU1

Since Google’s launch of Chromecast on July 27, Sundair Pichai insisted that Google TV would evolve alongside its TV platform and that neither device would substitute the other. Now it looks like Sony is in the process of developing what could be a new Google TV-based product or a Chromecast competitor.

A recent FCC filing has surfaced for a Sony device with the model number NSZ-GU1, which is similar to previous Sony Google TV units, affixed with model numbers: NSZ-GT1, NSZ-GS7 and the NSZ-GS8 – making us pretty confident that this may be a new Google TV device.

Unlike previous models, the new device includes an IR blaster and Bluetooth connectivity. Chromecast does not support either of these options, so it appears that Sony is working behind the scenes to develop a Google TV device that is more user-friendly than the Chromecast.

Sony FCC Google TV 2

The configuration diagram (pictured above) reveals that the set-up is suspiciously similar to the one Google submitted for its Chromecast unit.