Pre-Release Version Of XBMC Turns Android Device Into A Receiver For Apple’s AirPlay


XMBC is a cross-platform, open source media player that specializes in tons of options and ways of accessing content via local storage and the internet. The latest pre-release version of the Android client has support for Zeroconf, which in turn means the ability to use Apple’s AirPlay protocol on compatible devices. Your Android device becomes an AirPlay receiver for audio and/or video, which is the kind of thing that usually requires a tricky workaround.

For users with Android and Apple devices, this feature is pretty cool. Apple typically doesn’t like to play well with other platforms.

Media viewed in an Android device’s browser can now be played in XMBC as well. Ripped CDs now display right away in the media library, and the app can rip AAC and WMA files.

The latest XMBC for Android build is available for free at the source link below. You should always be cautious with using pre-release software. An update for all users will likely be pushed out in the coming weeks.