Stylizer Is A CSS Editor That Has No Limits, And It’s Just $50 For A Limited Time [Deals]


If you’re a designer or developer hunting for a CSS editor that literally does it all, and is going to save you a boat load of time, then you’ve come to the right place. Stylizer for Mac and PC is a real-time CSS editor that has no limits, allowing you to edit pages faster than ever before and save yourself hundreds of hours of work every year.

And best of all, it’s on sale for just $49.99 for a limited time — that’s 37% off, thanks to Cult of Android deals.

Stylizer is part web browser, part CSS editor, and part life changer! Just type in the address of any CSS-based web page and start editing right inside the browser. Or, load an HTML page from your computer and do the same. This app screams simplicity and power, so if you’ve been looking for a CSS editor that will make your life easier, the search is over.

Check out some of Stylizer’s best features:

  • Bullseye
    With Bullseye, you’re able to point to an element on your web page and make visual changes to CSS rules that directly affect it, right in the style sheet. Bullseye is such a critical part of the workflow that we’ve assigned it the largest key on the keyboard—the space bar.
  • Online CSS Editing
    The Stylizer workflow couldn’t be easier. Just open up the URL or the HTML page you want to edit, the style sheets are automatically extracted from the page, and you’re ready to start making changes.
  • Full Keyboard Control
    Stylizer was made to please the entire skill level spectrum. Whether you like point and click GUIs, or you’re a hardcore hotkey aficionado with a long history in Emacs and have a personal collection of IBM Model M’s, Stylizer is packed with the hotkeys and keyboard control features you need.
  • Powerful Color Selection Tools
    Stylizer’s color selection tools were designed for maximum efficiency. You can click on a color in your style sheet, adjust it, and preview your changes in real-time, all with only two mouse clicks.

Stylizer is available for both Mac and PC, and it’s compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer 6-8, Firefox 2.0-3.6, and Safari. The discount is valid for the next 21 days, so grab it while it’s cheap — don’t miss out.